Curling Ice

Sparing at the Saville Centre

Three regular team members must be present to constitute a legal rink (this can include a registered 5th or 6th member), or the game must be forfeited. A registered 5th or 6th player can play any position on the team. 

To become an official 5th team member, you may call 780-492-1000 to be registered. There is a $75 fee. Practice ice is not included within fifth or sixth members fees and will have to be purchased. If you are already registered full-time in another Saville League, there is no fee to become an official 5th. 
To register as a casual spare for any SCSC curling league at no charge, please complete the form below.
 Casual spares can play any position up to the position of the individual they are replacing. For example: If you are replacing a lead, you must play lead. If you are replacing a third, you can play lead, second or third. Spares must also be the appropriate age and gender for the league in which they are sparing.

Please note that all spares will be required to fill out a "COVID-19 Wellness Screening and Declaration Form" prior to entering the ice area for your game. Forms are available electronically here as well as at the front desk. 

Spares Lists for each individual league can be accessed on our website under the "League Directories & Spares Lists" tab. Please note that members will need a login and password to access sparing information.

For more information on sparing, or to join our spares list, please contact Kelsey Rocque (

Please click on the link below to fill out the form to become a casual spare in one of our SCSC leagues.

Spares List Form