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Club Championships

Congratulations to all of our Club Championship teams! 

2017-2018 Club Champions

: Team Pallett

Congratulations to Team K. Pallett for winning the 2018 Saville Community Centre Ladies Club Championships. Karen Pallett and her team of MaryLynne Gould, Donna MacNeil, Myrna Jones and Anita Jocksch from the Friday Seniors League. 

: Team Tralnberg

Congratulations to Team Tralnberg for winning the 2018 Saville Community Sports Centre Men’s Club Championships. Ray Tralnberg and his team of Barry Westlund, Jim Kapeluck and Ken Klatchuk were Order of Merit winners last season. Team Tralnberg from the Tuesday Men's league opened the Men's Club Championships with a successful matchup against Team Flaim butthen couldn't overtake Team Sawiak in the second matchup. They dropped into the B Event and a sucessful game over Team Corcoran and Team Solbak earned them the last Qualifying spot. The playoffs matched Tralnberg against Fellow Tuesday Men's League winner Team Scharff in the quarter final, then Team Redel on Thursday Men's in the semi-final. Both playoff wins sealed Team Tralnberg's fate into the final against Team Rippel from the Monday Men's League. Team Tralnberg came out on top and have been crowned 2017-2018 Men's Club Champions. 

Mixed: Team Rippel
Congratulations to Team Rippel for winning the 2018 Saville Community Sports Centre Mixed Club Championships. Rick Rippel and his team of Katie Morrissey, Jim Wallbank, Glenna Rubin and Myron Karpiak of the Thursday Night Mixed League were the 5th seed going into Club Championships. They beat PBCC's Team Trieu, then over took 2016-17 Mixed Club Champions Team Richard to earn the first qualifying spot. The playoffs saw a second successful matchup against Team Trieu. The finals were also a second match up against the defending Club Champions where Team Rippel came out on top. Congratulations Team Rippel!

Seniors: Team Pallett
Congratulations to Team J. Pallett for winning the 2018 Saville Community Sports Centre Seniors Club Championship. Jamie Pallett and his team of Ralph Lee, Ian Duncan and Jack McMahon. Pallett took two wins in a row over Team Lewis and Team Radis to earn the A Qualifying spot into the final. The final game saw a rematch against Team Lewis where Team Pallett once again came out victorious with the help of sub Rod McMahon. Congratulations to Team J. Pallett on being Saville's 2018 Seniors Club Champions!